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car sales

Award winning

We specialise in small, low mileage vehicles in pristine condition and always strive to provide vehicles with a proven history.

Every vehicle sold includes a new MOT, regardless of how long is left on the original MOT. We like to have 100% faith in a vehicle before we release it to the customer for the smoothest ride possible.

Why choose us

expert in the area.

Our family have been in the motor trade since it begun. It started in the early 1900s with horses, then we moved onto cars when they became available to the masses. We have been doing it ever since, and know what we are doing.


Every vehicle comes with a brand new MOT, we like to know what we are selling so only trust our own appraisal.


We offer a 3 month warranty on all sales, unless otherwise agreed. For example a sale of a part exchange may be negotiated without warranty.


We fullly service every vehicle before releasing it to the customer.

Vehicles sourced the right way

We don't sell vehicles that have had a hard life. Our low mileage stock is always in wonderful condition. We wouldn't stock it otherwise.